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Industrial projects

FMECA Analysis: Development of a FMECA for a balance machine


TRUCK-CARE: An after-sales service portfolio for industrial vehicles


CTNFI: Development and application of new digital technologies in support of manufacturing


PRETERIM: A predictive maintenance plan based on infrared thermography


ENERGY AUDIT: Delivering accurate and cost-effective energy audits


SERVICE MAINTENANCE: Optimization of preventive maintenance intervals, based on reliability analysis and service level agreement


V-LOG: Strategic inventory decision in the vending sector


AM-PLAN: Forecast and planning tools for the after market spare parts logistics


LODIS: Distribution logistics analysis for an automotive company operating in the aftermarket industry 


INVMAN: Inventory management in an engineering company


FOREPLAN: Forecasting and Planning in the automotive sector


LEAN LOGISTICS: Lean techniques for streamlining material flows in a company producing agricultural machines


PM SERVICE: Project management techniques in a facility management company


TRUCK INDUSTRY FOCUS GROUP : Monitoring and improving process efficiency and effectiveness in the After Sales Service Network


LEAN MANUFACTURING : Application of optimization techniques to the production processes of a pharmaceutical SME


LEAN MANUFACTURING: Application of lean manufacturing principles to MTO (Make To Order) production systems


SIMAN:engineering maintance process of a company operating in the SII


RFID:increasing through the use of RFID technology in tool management


ABB: engineering and assessing condition based maintenance product service solutions 


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