Carbonforce project


Realization of carbon fiber fabrics for seismic adjustment with high performance and lower production costs.


Carbonforce Project provides the realization of a system for the production of unidirectional carbon fabrics obtained through an online spreading of the warp yarn and destined mainly for application as structural reinforcement in the building field. With this procedure, more efficient than those used today, it will be possible to obtain fabrics with high performance and lower production costs, so the consequent reduction of expenses for restoration and anti-seismic adaptation of existing buildings. Furthermore, further optimization of the production process will be implemented through the reduction of processing waste, also introducing methodologies and systems for the collection and classification of carbon waste for future reuse.


WBS1 – Experimental Development – Project Review and Activity Control

WBS2 –  Experimental development – State-of-the-art evaluations

WBS3 – Experimental development – Definitions of the specifications of the carbon ribbon spreading system and feeding and insertion of the weft

WBS4 – Experimental development – Design checks, simulations and tests

WBS8 – Experimental development – Results evaluation


The project is under development and implementation.