E-MOTH project


Moth infestation disposal in the spinning department and in the warehouses of a weaving company.


E-moth project provides the development of a new insecticide product for moths elimination on noble textile materials and their proliferation inhibition both during production and during storage. Furthermore, these substances must have favorable eco-toxicological characteristics and low environmental impact.


WBS 1_ Project review and activity monitoring

WBS 2_ Infestation degree evaluation on different textile materials

WBS 3_ Evaluation of storage methods of raw materials and semi-finished products

WBS 4_ Analysis of the spinning department and warehouses layout

WBS 5_ Analysis and evaluation of the chemical insecticides currently used

WBS 6_ Study and characterization of the moth from the biological point of view. Evaluation of the systems inhibiting their life cycle

Pre-industrial research

WBS 7_ Identification of new insecticidal substances

WBS 8_ Evaluation of environmental and eco-toxicological aspects

WBS 9_ Evaluation of the best applicable recipe through laboratory analysis


The project under development and implementation.