Fabiana Pirola


Fabiana Pirola, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

Fabiana Pirola is a Assistant Professor at the Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering of the University of Bergamo (Italy) and Rector delegate for international research in the economic-technological area. She holds a master’s degree in Management Engineering and received her PhD in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at University of Bergamo. In 2008, she joined the International Logistics Program – Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at MIT-Zaragoza Logistics Center in Spain. In 2010, she has been a PhD visiting student at the Bowling Green State University (Ohio, USA). 

Her research interests are Product Service Systems (PSS), service engineering and operations, mainly focused on data-driven services, and smart manufacturing, mainly focused on modelling and simulation. In these areas she has been involved in and coordinated several industrial and research projects, funded at Regional, National and European level, such as DIVERSITY (EU 2015-2018), SMART4CPPS (Regional, 2018-2021), DIGIFoF (EU 2019-2021), and BLISS (2022-2025). She is member of IFIP Working Group 5.7 and IFAC Working Group 5.1 and she has published more than 50 contributions in international & national scientific journals, book chapters, as well as international conference proceedings. She publishes and is regular reviewers of international journals such as Computers in Industry, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and technology


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  3. Sala Roberto, Pirola Fabiana, Pezzotta Giuditta, Cavalieri Sergio(2022) NLP-based insights discovery for industrial asset and service improvement: an analysis of maintenance reports14th IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems IMS 2022. Tel-Aviv, Israel, 28-30 March 2022pp. 522 – 527https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ifacol.2022.04.247
  4. Venuta Marco, Sala Roberto, Pirola Fabiana, Pezzotta Giuditta(2022) Monitorare la produzione con una piattaforma. Dalla manutenzione correttiva a quella preventivaSISTEMI & IMPRESApp. 50 – 56,
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