Giovanni Ruggeri_


Giovanni Ruggeri                          Research Fellow

Giovanni Ruggeri obtained his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2018 at the Politecnico di Milano with a thesis in which he presented a standardized approach to the modeling of production systems based on simulation at discrete events.
In the same year he began his collaboration with the research group CELS, immediately dedicating himself to activities related to industrial projects that lead him to know and collaborate with different companies in the area.
His main research interests are asset management, industrial maintenance management, maintenance engineering, data analysis, process reengineering, process digitalization


  1. Arioli Veronica, Ruggeri Giovanni, Sala Roberto, Pirola Fabiana, Pezzotta Giuditta; (2023) A Methodology for the Design and Engineering of Smart Product Service Systems: An Application in the Manufacturing Sector, SUSTAINABILITY, pp. 1 – 21,