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Mattia Galimberti                    PhD Student

Mattia Galimberti graduated in M.Sc Mechanical Engineering in 2021 at the University of Bergamo with a thesis about the re-layout and optimization through simulation of an assembly line for tractor cabs. Afterwards, he held a research grant at the University of Bergamo for a simulation project aimed at defining the best strategy for the production planning of a new machine of a company.
He still collaborates with several companies in the area on industrial projects.  Since 2021 he has been a PhD student of the course Technology, Innovation and Management, a joint programme between the University of Bergamo and the University “Federico II” of Naples.  His research activity, conducted in collaboration with Tenova’s R&D department and the STIIMA-CNR institute in Milan, focuses on the definition of a business model based on the concepts of circular economy, which can determine an environmental, economic and social advantage connected to steel production.  Since 2022 he has been tutor of the courses of Progettazione degli Impianti and Industrial Plant Design and Simulation for the Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronic and Smart Technology Engineering at the University of Bergamo.


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