Michela Zambetti_

Michela graduated in 2016 in Management Engineering at University of Bergamo with a master thesis focused on Stakeholder Management after scandals, analysing the Volkswagen “Dieselgate”.  She started collaborating with CELS group with a scholarship grant concentrating on SC operational models and emerging technologies for urban logistics in B2B and B2C.

In 2017 she started the PhD in Innovation Technology and Management, which is a joint doctorate merged by Bergamo University and the University of Napoli “Federico II”. She is also pursuing her PhD in collaboration with ABB Electrification Product Division. The topic of her research is centered on the “Servitisation” path of companies. Particularly she investigates the impact that digitalization and Industry 4.0 technologies such as big data analytics, cloud computing and IoT create in the context of Product Service System (PSS) on the service engineering SE process, on the definition of the PSS offering, and, as a consequence, on the entire PSS ecosystem.

She is also contributing to the project “Bergamo 2.035 – A new urban concept” from 2016.

Main pubblications

1. Zambetti M., Lagorio A., Pinto R., A network design model for food ordering and delivery services (2017) XXII Summer School “Francesco Turco” – Industrial Systems Engineering

2. Zambetti M., Kalchschmidt M., Eggs are broken, so now what? A stakeholder management perspective of the Volkswagen’s Dieselgate (2017) XXVIII Annual Scientific Meeting -RSA AiIG

3. Zambetti M., Sala R., Russo D., Pezzotta G., Pinto R., A patent review on machine learning techniques and applications: depicting main players, relations and future landscapes (2018) XXIII Summer School “Francesco Turco” – Industrial Systems Engineering

4. Sala R., Zambetti M.,Pirola F.., Pinto R., How to select the right machine learning algorithm: a feature-based, scope-oriented selection framework (2018) XXIII Summer School “Francesco Turco” – Industrial Systems Engineering

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