Unirapier project


realization of fabrics made of particular fibers (e.g. horsehair) for multiple applications with a weaving process that allows to increase productivity and reduce production costs.


Unirapier project involves the construction of a new type of positive single-sided frame with a modular structure that can be used for many applications. With this procedure, more efficient than those currently used, it will be possible to increase productivity and reduce production costs.


WBS 1_ Project review and activity monitoring

WBS 2_ State of the art evaluations and market research

WBS 3_ Performance definitions of the textile machinery and fabrics in relation to the needs of the identified markets

WBS 4_ Study of the technology and mechatronic features of the new looms family

WBS 5_ Machinery and fabric design

Pre-competitive development

WBS 6_ Qualitative and quantitative design check

WBS 9_ Results evaluation

WBS 10_ Results sharing


The project under development and implementation.