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Paolo Gaiardelli
Associate professor

Paolo Gaiardelli is an associate professor at the Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering of the University of Bergamo. Its research activities focus mainly on the organisation and management of after-sales services with a specific interest in the automotive and heavy goods vehicle industry. He holds courses in lean manufacturing, management and organization of industrial plants, and his research activities focus mainly on lean and service management with a specific interest in the automotive and truck industry. Recently, his interests have also extended to service and product-service systems. It is currently engaged in the study of how to support manufacturing companies in redesigning and optimizing service activities. In particular, it is working on how streamlined thinking paradigms can support companies in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of product design, development and management-service, as well as to assess the role of lean management in the management of operations, with reference to the main social, environmental and technological trends.

He is representative of the Erasmus+ programme for the research area Industrial Systems Engineering (ING-IND/17) and member of the Faculty of Phd in Technology, Innovation and Management (TIM). He is President Europa of the IFIP Working Group 5.7 | Advances in Production Management Systems and coordinator of the Special Interest Group (SIG) in Service Engineering. Member of AIDI, Italian Association of Professors in Industrial Systems Engineering, is coordinator of the automotive area of the ASAP Service Management Forum, an Italian joint industry, Academic initiative to promote culture and excellence in service management through research, practice, education and technology transfer projects.


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