Master in Technologies and Processes for the Textile Supply Chain

Graduates of these programme are expected to understand the whole process of converting fibre materials to end product and are able to:


  • plan and manage textile production processes
  • develop and industrialize new products



The master programme is structured into three macro-areas: “From fibres to yarn”,
“From yarn to clothes” and “Management”.

“From fibres to yarn” – this area aims at developing knowledge related to natural and man-made fibres and to spinning technologies. Fundamentals of textile chemistry are also provided.




“From yarn to clothes” – this area aims at developing knowledge related to technologies for weaving and finishing. A background on functional textiles is also provided.




“Management” – this area aims at developing general knowledge on statistics methods and tools, operations and strategy management, and energy system characteristics and functions.



Entrance requirements

The Master can be attended by people having a Master of Science or a Bachelor degree. People having a high school diploma can attend the Master as auditors.


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Stefano Dotti, Director,

Barbara Resta, Coordinator,

School of Management (SDM) – University of Bergamo,


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