This project aims at designing models and techniques for Energy Audit / Energy diagnosis. The idea is to support industries in energy efficiency projects. In particular, the project tries to identify a model (and a software application) useful for energy audit in different industrial sectors. Moreover, the project aims also at supporting the definition of a suitable technology (cogeneration plant or renewable energy for instance) for different applications.
Traditionally, from an industrial perspective, develop competences in energy efficiency is a three steps procedure:
1.Define the consumption (electrical, gas, water, …) of a plant considering both the process technology and the building;
2.Identify the “process technologies” depending on a specific industrial sector and the sources of electrical inefficiency;
3.Propose the interventions which aim at decreasing the energy consumption of a plant
   a.“technical intervention”, revamping of an equipment for improving its performance and reducing the energy consumption;
   b.“managerial intervention” related to the management of the plant; for instance number of stoppages planned (maintenance plan).
Project in collaboration with Innowatio.
Contact: Stefano Ierace –

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