The aims of the project is at performing a thorough analysis of the distribution logistics scenarios that an automotive company operating in the aftermarket sector is likely to face in the next years.
The main activities included in the project are:

  • General analysis of the AS-IS aftermarket distribution in the automotive sector, with reference to both Italy and other European countries.
  • Analysis of distribution logistics practices of several best-in-class companies afferent to diverse sectors, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and logistics services.
  • Identification of possible future directions for distribution logistics in the automotive aftermarket.
  • Organization of a brainstorming session involving several companies in the automotive sector, sharing the main results of the analysis performed and stimulating discussion and confrontation.
Project in collaboration with Brembo.
Contacts: Sergio Cavalieri – sergio.cavalieri@unibg.it; Roberto Pinto – roberto.pinto@unibg.it

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