This project – developed in the automotive sector – aims at supporting a components making company in establishing an effective and efficient planning process for the aftermarket segment.
The core of the project is composed by two main areas:

  • Forecasting: forecasts are an essential input for proper production planning in today’s volatile era. In this area the aim is at defining an effective forecasting process and the involved roles, as well as the responsibility of each of them. Following the definition of the process, the requirements of supporting software are defined: these requirements, along with the requirements coming from the Multi-site planning area (see below) drive the software selection process.
  • Multi-site planning: forecasts are one of the inputs of the planning phase. The company’s production system is composed by several sites performing the 2 main phases of the production process. These sites should be carefully coordinated – in terms of which first-phase site supplies the second-phase sites, and which of the latter ones supplies which customers – in order to reduce logistics and transportation costs under production capability, capacity, and customer service constraints. The analysis of the planning process leads to a list of requirements to be used in the software selection.

Project in collaboration with Brembo.

Contacts: Sergio Cavalieri –; Roberto Pinto –


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