The vending sector, especially for refreshment goods (hot and cold drinks, snacks, confectionery, and sandwiches), is a developing area in Italy. Despite the relatively low cost of single items, it requires a tailored organization and suitable management activities in order to perform all the necessary operations both on the field (i.e. day-to-day filling, cleaning, sanitization and general maintenance…) and at the warehouse level (i.e. stock range and level, routing decisions, products phase-in and phase-out…).

This project focuses on the product/supplier portfolio analysis in order to support the company in identifying possible areas of improvement. Starting from the analysis of past data, the aim is at creating a framework for products/suppliers performance evaluation. The framework is articulated in several dimensions, such as products, suppliers, geographic areas, type/size of vending machine installation and so forth.
The purpose of the framework is to support the company in strategic decisions such as product phase-in/phase-out, supplies consolidation and average storage level.
Project in collaboration with IVS Group.
Contact: Roberto Pinto – roberto.pinto@unibg.it

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