Project purpose is to identify how a Truck company can design and improve its after sales service portfolio consistently with the customer needs and expectations, its strategy and the environment where it operates. The proposed approach is articulated into the following two main steps.

1.    Customers, company determinants, after sales strategy and service portfolio analysis. This step includes the definition of customer behaviour, the evaluation of approaches required to plan and manage the after sales activities and the identification of those determinants which characterise the business where the company operates.

2.    Cross analysis. During this step information about customers needs and expectations and their emphasis on performance determinants are analysed in order to identify the after sales Service Portfolio areas which exert a major impact on the customer value creation. A score based methodology is used to help managers to fulfil this task. Focusing on these areas, after sales managers can thus verify the completeness of their proposed service portfolio and/or identify the list of potential customer key services to introduce and/or improve.


Project in collaboration with Volvo.


Contact: Paolo Gaiardelli –

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