Master Executive in Industrial Asset Management



The Master Executive in Industrial Asset Management is a program jointly promoted by MIP Politecnico di Milano and University of Bergamo.


Goal of the Master is:

  • to deliver competences and know-how in the field of maintenance management for industrial plants
  • to form maintenance managers that, besides having proper technical competences, are capable to:
    • manage the maintenance processes in view of their organizational and management aims and constraints;
    • govern the maintenance impact on other parts of the organization and on business objectives;
    • lead to continuous improvement processes.

Job opportunities

Maintenance management deserves high levels of transversal applications related to different industrial and service sectors. This improves expectations of Master job possibilities at different levels: middle to high management, professional and consultant activities, technical-managerial roles in industrial plants or in companies offering engineering consulting services and Global Service Maintenance (GSM).
The Master offers a program developed in three formative areas split in 2 years:
  • General: this area provides a common background on the themes of enterprise management, organization, operations management, quality, safety, environmental regulations and ICT, and on the fundamentals of methodologies for quantitative analysis and decision support;
  • Management: this area aims at developing the knowledge on processes, methods, tools and information systems supporting the strategic planning, organization and management of maintenance operations of an industrial plant;
  • Elective on management and technical issues: designed to
    • consolidate the knowledge about technologies for diagnostics of industrial plants and the technical know-how required for industrial services maintenance (in particular energy), control and automation and the production technologies;
    • develop, at a second level, the specialized knowledge required by processes and advanced methods for maintenance management in different industrial sectors.

Entrance requirements

The Master can be attended by people having a Master of Science or a  Bachelor  degree. Degrees in engineering and scientific disciplines are preferable for the admission.
Graduation day for VIII edition of Master MeGMI
On 4th march 2015 we had the Graduation day at Roof Garden Restaurant for the VIII edition and for the graduates in the first years of IX edition.

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