Talent management nella Supply Chain

Talent management in Supply Chain

In an increasingly dynamic and global contest, the competences and the capabilities – both professional and relational – for those engaged in supply chain management are a key asset for the success of a business.

The contribution of companies is essential to identify current or future problems  in this important area: to know and deal with the issue is not that the first step in the direction that leads to a potential problem to an opportunity. To do this, we need a small contribution by companies to share their experiences.
Therefore, as part of the research group CELS University of Bergamo we invite you to contribute to the survey research to evaluate:
– the main problems encountered by companies in recruitment and management skills of its employees working in the supply chain;
– the role played by education in this context.
The survey is aimed to Supply Chain Manager (or similar roles in the company: Directors / Managers of production, logistics, purchasing, distribution …). The time necessary for the compilation is about 15 minutes. After the investigation, the results will be returned in preview at the participants.
Privacy and dissemination of results
The data will be processed by the staff involved in research and disclosed only in an anonymous format. The data will not be used for other purposes outside the survey.
The answers of the respondents and the data will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of those involved.

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