Enrico Cagnoni’s profile


Academic position
Research Associate


Education and past experiences

He got his Master degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Bergamo (2010) and actually he attend the second years of the Master Executive in Industrial Asset Management. He is a research fellow at CELS and he works on industrial projects related to maintenance. During the last years, he enriched his professional and training experiences through his work on research and industrial projects to support the technological transfer of companies.



Research interest
Energy efficiency, maintenance

Contact details
CELS – Research Group on Industrial Engineering, Logistics and Service Operations

Department of Management, Information and Production Engineering, University of Bergamo
Viale Marconi 5, 24044 Dalmine (BG), Italy
tel: +39 035 2052005 / +39 035 2052385
fax: +39 035 2052077
e-mail: enrico.cagnoni@unibg.it




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