Logistics Roundtable (Tavolo di Lavoro sulla Logistica)

The Logistics Roundtable (Tavolo di Lavoro sulla Logistica) is an initiative established by CELS to set up a consortium of companies, coordinated by an academic team, that aims at developing research, projects and know-how in the logistics and supply chain management fields.

Main objectives are to:

  • contribute to increase knowledge and competences on logistics and supply chain management;
  • promote communication and technological transfer between academics and industrial companies facilitating the exchange of ideas, initiatives, and research topics;
  • encourage communication between companies;
  • develop research activities and disseminate results at national and international level.

Research activities in 2011 focus on transportation service providers with particular reference to the following topics:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor and evaluate transportation suppliers;
  • Vendor evaluation and selection.

Case studies, survey and seminars will be carried out to conduct research.


For further information, please download the attached pdf file (in Italian) or contact us.

Staff and contacts:
Fabiana Pirola – fabiana.pirola@unibg.it
Roberto Pinto – roberto.pinto@unibg.it
Tommaso Lupo – tommaso.lupo@unibg.it
Sergio Cavalieri – sergio.cavalieri@unibg.it


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