10 years of Master MeGMI

18/3/2014, I.Lab Kilometro Rosso, Stezzano

Which prospective for technical education in a country in industrial emergency?

Master executive in Industrial Asset Management (MeGMI), SdM Università di Bergamo and MIP Politecnico di Milano


The conference, organized for the ten years of MeGMI, was an important moment to discuss about actual problem in technical-managerial education at various level. Moreover the event was an opportunity for talking about how actions could inspire the dialogue between education world and industrial world, to create and to qualify professional figure with necessary competence for engaging future challenges in industrial firms.

At the round table, coordinating by Enrico Romagna-Manoja, director of “Il Mondo”, have partecipated exponents of industrial, associative and academic world like: Luca Zanotti, Ceo of TenarisDalmine, Enrico Cereda, Vice President of Global Technology Services of IBM Italy, Gian Piero Pavirani, Responsibile for the system engineering in Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, Ivanohe Lo Bello, Vice President for the Education  in Confindustria, proff. Sergio Cavalieri, University of Bergamo, Marco Garetti, Politecnico of Milano and Stefano Paleari, Dean of University of Bergamo and president of CRUI, Conference of Dean of the italian university.


6/2014, Engineering Campus, Dalmine

Master executive in Industrial Asset Management (MeGMI) 

School of Management SdM, Business School of University of Bergamo, and MIP, Business School of Politecnico di Milano 


Master MeGMI, strongly require to main industrial firm, is direct to a specific industrial area which is focused on design and manage the system of maintenance. In ten years of classes have been partecipated more than 150 professionals working in more than 40 firms operates in various sectors. 

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