ABB: Re-engineering of ABB Service Portfolio

The project with ABB started in 2012 with the main aim to re-engineer the current ABB service portfolio and to improve effectiveness and efficiency of them.  The project entails the application of SErvice Engineering Methodology (SEEM) to the ABB service processes. The methodology has been developed in the CELS research group and consists in 4 main allowing the identification of a proper balance between the customer perceived value and the company profitability. They are the following:

1.     Identification of ABB service offering

2.     Market analysis and definition of customer’s needs

3.     Design requirements and specification analysis

4.     Simulation of the service provision process

The methodology has been adopted and applied in 2 different ABB divisions and 3 different Business Units (BU): Low voltage products, Robots and Motors. For each BU different services have been taken into account and a simulation model representing the process has been developed.

The project feedbacks are positive. Among them, the ability of the simulation model to create awareness and to contribute in taking decisions are the most important. Research methodology is also positively evaluated by the research community.



University and ABB together for an high innovation international research project about Engineering and Service Management.

ABB has selected Unibg project between over 500 proposal.

The first meeting for the research project called “Engineering and assessing condition-based maintenance product-service solutions” has happened on 28th April 2013, at Engineering Campus of University of Bergamo, between Engineering Department and ABB.

At the meeting have partecipated, in addition to the university researcher, Christopher Ganz (Global Service R&D Manager), Luciano Tacconi (LP Division Global Service Manager), Zied Ouertani (ABB Corporate Researcher) e Francesco Piccioni (DM Division Service Manager Italy). The project, financied to ABB, world leader firm on energy and automation who have also a branch in Bergamo and Dalmine, is selected, with over other 40 projects, between over 500 research proposal presented from over 250 Research Center and international University in 46 countries to answer to a project competition for high innovation projects lunched from ABB Corporate Research (Zurigo).

“Engineering and assessing condition-based maintenance product-service solutions”, project focused on active collaboration between ABB and research Group CELS (Research Group on Industrial Engineering, Logistics and Service Operations), coordinating by Prof. Sergio Cavalieri, is focused on engineering and Service management themes which are connected to a system lifetime cycle, like predictive maintenance services, remote-control assistance and  spare parts logistics.

In particular, in the lifetime of the project will be used innovative design methodology and simulation focused on the evaluation of the performance for the activity of the services related to a management of product lifetime cycle. This methodologies will be applied in some pilot cases gived by ABB Italia, with particular relevance to Low Voltage Products and Discrete Automation divisions. Some tests are already in progress in Bergamo and Dalmine ABB sections with the support of some Management and Mechanical Engineering students. 

The collaboration will be for two years and an international perspective for its innovative theme on academic and industrial level. From 2010 for its capacity of innovation and this strategic important theme, research group CELS  is promoting an european project which involved, some european research center, also some eminent university of Japan, USA, Australia and Brazil. 

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