Forecasting and planning are two of the most studied areas in the field of operations management. Nonetheless, there are some sectors that require peculiar activities in order to seize all the involved facets.
This project is developed in the niche sector of vehicle tuning components (i.e. car components for both aesthetics and performance customizations) with the aim at establishing a suitable forecasting process.
Main problems that arise are the relatively low quantity of units sold per item and the erratic character of the demand. Due to these elements, the forecasting process should, more than in other cases, rely on efficient relationship with suppliers, in order to guarantee the necessary flexibility to respond to highly variable customers demand.
Main activities involved in the project are:

  • AS-IS Production process analysis to fully understand all the aspects involved in the production process.
  • Analysis of critical components and materials used in the production process, such as carbon fiber.
  • Statement of a proper forecasting workflow, supported by suitable software routines, and performed with the aim at anticipating the gross requirements of critical components and material, allowing placing the orders to suppliers in advance.
Project in collaboration with Brembo.
Contacts: Sergio Cavalieri –; Roberto Pinto –

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