Promoted by the Bergamo Manufacturers’ Association (Confindustria Bergamo), INTELLIMECH is a private-led applied research center established in the KilometroRosso Science and Technology Park, whose role is to act as a benchmark for innovative-led enterprises and science institutes in the Italian research panorama. The consortium is made of 26 companies operating in different industrial sectors, ranging from process industry (e.g. steel making, chemical plants) to manufacturing and assembly (e.g. braking systems, tractors, industrial excavators, vending machines, electric equipment), as well as multi-utility companies. The distinctive characteristic of the Consortium resides on the variety of involved companies, thus inputting into the research activity peculiar needs and expectations. Though being a potential limit in the first stage of the research activity (since a common background, terminology and understanding of needs was lacking), this heterogeneity can hopefully contribute to the development of more general innovative approaches in the long-term. PROPHET projects described in Research Project Area is developed within the Consortium.
Contacts: Sergio Cavalieri –; Stefano Ierace –

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