How to control and improve the provision of After-Sales services?

Companies have progressively realised that complementing industrial goods with the provision of value added services can be an important lever to prosper on those markets affected by weak demand, hard competition and decreasing margins. Among the different forms of service provisions, After-Sales services have acquired a strategic role as a source of revenues and competitive advantage.
This transition from product to services calls for the creation of expertise, structures and processes new to the product manufacturer. One of the major challenges is the design and use of adequate Performance Measurement Systems and of the related decision making tools.
Aim of this research project is to propose an integrated Performance Measurement System which spans the different peculiarities related to the After-Sales service provision, links corporate strategic objectives with After-Sales strategies and promotes a consistent set of performance measures and indicators. Moreover, a dashboard and a management cockpit have been developed to support companies in controlling and improving the supply of their product-services.
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