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General description

The aim of this research project is the evaluation the maturity level of services given by SMEs in bergamo’s region (firms with less than 50 employees and a sales volume less than ten million of euros) and supporting the organizational, cultural and technological growth process that this SME’s have taken or would be taken, for taking the strategic and economics opportunities which results from services with high values integrated to a physical goods.

The project was divided in this macro activity:

  • Creation of a “services map”. he aim is to identify the main components of a product-service, the different type of basic and innovation services which could contribute to increase the functionality and the perceived value of a product.
  • Analysis of the organizational features and the configuration of the industrial supply chain which give product-service solutions. This phase would identify the presence of a configuration differences (physical and organizational), managerial (processes) and for competences, developed in function to a type of service given and for a level of integration with a product.
  • Analysis of the main economic-financial performances and of the competitiveness of the firms. The aim is  to verify the presence of a correlation between the development level of the product-service solutions and the economic and financial result obtained.

The survey could identify some good practices for SME’s which are interested to research and to evaluated their position compared with some determinants, after fixing some organizational and managerial gaps in order to identify the possible action for improvement.

The final intent is to create a permanent Observatory for supporting the local industrial firms in the process of transformation from supplier of industrial goods to integrated solutions of product-services.


Survey on services in SME’s in the province of Bergamo

In collaboration with Bergamo Sviluppo – Special Company of CCIAA of Bergamo, was started a survey to analyze the evolution of the role of the services in manufacturing SME’s in the province of Bergamo.

The aim of the survey is to identify the information on the firm’s inclination to give services at its customers. The reached datas, used in anonymous form, will be used for wrote a study, presented on 20th november 2014.

The survey is divided in three parts:

  1. General description
  2. Typology of the services
  3. Strategic orientation to the services

For filling the on-line survey, click here.



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