ESA (Electric Signature Analysis)  is the procedure of capturing the equipment’s supply signals (current and/or voltage) and analysing them to detect malfunctions (not only electrical ones) or incipient faults. ESA provides diagnostic and prognostic information comparable to conventional prognostics techniques, but requires only access to electric supply lines rather than to the equipment itself. In fact, since machines electrical clamps are always available, this implies that it is possible to conduct diagnostic and prognostic analyses without operate inside the tested equipment. ESA is an online (no stoppage required) and truly non-intrusive method. It is invisible to the equipment being monitored; therefore it does not interfere with the equipment’s operation and can be used to perform a one-time test or a periodic test to track and trend equipment performance.
This project aims at applying the ESA technique to industrial machinery for fault detection and identification.
Contact: Stefano Ierace –

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