Integrated Engineering of Product-Services throughout the life-cycle phases

The analysis of the literature on Service Engineering underlines some lacks in the models developed until now. To overcome these limitations, this project aims to develop a normative model able to provide a set of coherent leverages for engineering contents of Product-Service along all the life cycle in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. In particular the model is composed by three sub-models:
1) A Prescriptive model, based on the literature, classifying the main elements characterising the Product-Service Engineering process;
2) A Descriptive model, base on the case studies, aiming to determinate the Product-Service life cycle phase and sub-phases
3) A Normative model, based on the previous two sub-models, which identifies the Service Engineering methodologies to be adopted in each life cycle phase and which also logically answer to the Product-Service Engineering Process Characteristics.
Contact: Giuditta Pezzotta –

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